We have already reported that Eve Systems is planning a new edition of the Eve Flare. Meanwhile, the HomeKit ball light with Thread is available.

Just in time for the upcoming gardening season, Eve Systems has released a new edition of its HomeKit ball light Eve Flare. The IP65 water-resistant mood light has an integrated rechargeable battery that lets the lamp shine for up to six hours without the hassle of a power cord. Afterwards, the lamp can simply be placed on the charging station.

The ball light has a diameter of 25cm and a brightness of 90 lumens. As I said, it is just a mood light. Via Bluetooth or Thread, the lamp can also be controlled via Apple HomeKit.

In the future, the lamp will also support the new Matter smarthome standard. Then, for the first time, the ball light will also be able to be integrated into other smarthome platforms. The new edition is now available on Amazon.