Bosch Smart Home is continuously expanding its compatibility and features. The latest updates include integration of new devices with Apple HomeKit, improved firmware for various devices, and fixes for several bugs identified in previous versions.

New integration with Apple HomeKit

The family of Apple HomeKit-compatible Bosch smart home devices is growing steadily. The latest addition is the smart relay, which can now be integrated into Apple HomeKit.

In addition, the first Bosch smart home devices can be integrated into Apple HomeKit via the Bosch Smart Home Controller II, which was released at the end of last year, including the motion detector, smoke detector II, door/window contact II and II Plus, Twinguard and the compact Smart Plug.

Improvements and bug fixes

Several devices, including the Radiator Thermostat II, Light/Roller Shutter Control II and Compact Smart Plug, have received important firmware updates that improve stability, performance and ease of use. In addition, several bugs have been fixed, including those affecting the wireless connection between the Smart Home Controller and battery-powered Bosch Smart Home devices.

While the update for the smart home controller has been available since yesterday, the iOS app is scheduled to receive an update on May 24. If you want to know which Bosch smart home devices are available and how they are displayed in Apple Home, we recommend taking a look at HomeDevices.