With Matter 1.2, a new version of the smarthome standard is expected to be released at the end of September or beginning of October. In addition to door locks, household appliances, including robotic vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and dishwashers, will also be supported. Manufacturers are already preparing for this.

So far, the device selection for the new Matter smarthome standard is still quite unspectacular, especially for Apple Home users. After all, most of the focus so far has been on integrating existing devices into the new Smarthome standard.

With Matter 1.2 this will probably change. Then vacuum cleaner robots and household appliances will finally be supported as well. At IFA, companies including Samsung and the BSH Group, which includes Bosch, Siemens, and Neff, announced a refrigerator, while Midea unveiled a dishwasher.

Roborock is also working to integrate its newly unveiled Roborock Zeo One washing machine with the new Smarthome standard. But in the future, robotic vacuum cleaners will also be able to be integrated into all major smarthome systems via Matter. SwitchBot has already announced that it will integrate the S10 mopping and vacuuming robot accordingly.

Few details known so far

Although the new version of the standard is imminent, few details are known so far. Neither manufacturers would comment on the features via Matter at IFA, nor do we know when and how Apple will integrate the devices.

We are excited and will keep you up to date. We expect to see the first devices before the end of the year.