The manufacturer LIFX, a company owned by Feit Electric, was one of the pioneers in multi-colored light fixtures that could be controlled through Apple Home, albeit in a single color. Lately, there has been a lull around LIFX, but now the company is planning to introduce an outdoor Neon Lightstrip that supports the Matter standard.

The brand-new LIFX Neon Outdoor received certification from the Connectivity Standards Alliance yesterday. An entry at the organization behind the Matter standard already gives first insights.

According to this, the new device, as customary for LIFX, will be integrated into the smart home via Wi-Fi. The LIFX app will allow the creation of color gradients, as well as the use of effects and animations.

On the manufacturer’s website, there is already an initial announcement visible, but currently, it only serves the purpose of collecting the email addresses of interested users.

In HomeDevices you can find an overview of LIFX devices and see at a glance which features are available in Apple Home.