What is still being eagerly awaited for HomeKit in some countries of the world has already arrived in the working world. Readers from HID can be unlocked via Apple Wallet. Perhaps this is a first harbinger of keypads with HomeKey support.

Opening your own house or apartment door simply by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch to it is already a reality in the U.S. thanks to HomeKey-compatible locks. In European countries, neither Nuki nor Tedee have announced corresponding locks.

However, a compatible keypad could be sufficient in the future. HID, a leading provider of identity management solutions, is leading the way. From now on, the employee ID card can be stored in the Apple Wallet and can both open doors and authenticate the user with computers and printers.


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Hopefully, HomeKit users will also benefit from this in the future. Until now, the door lock itself must support Apple HomeKey. Since European door locks are often only on the inside of the door, integrating Apple’s standard has been difficult so far. In the future, however, a keypad with HomeKey support could suffice.