There are several HomeKit-compatible smart plugs available. Some of these adapters also offer power consumption monitoring. However, very few of them are compact. EVVR takes a somewhat different approach with the new Energy Monitoring Smart Plug in terms of design.

The compact design (95 × 42.8 × 32 mm) and the extension cable (40 cm) ensure that the EVVR Smart Plug doesn’t protrude several centimeters from the wall, as is the case with a typical plug. This allows you to save space and use hard-to-reach outlets for connecting your devices with up to 16 amps of power.

The power consumption monitoring feature does not work through Apple Home even in the latest EVVR product and can only be used through the manufacturer’s app, just like with other devices. However, it’s worth noting that there’s no account requirement, which is a positive aspect.

Once the EVVR Wi-Fi Smart Plug is added to the Apple Home app through the HomeKit QR code scan, it will be immediately visible in the EVVR app. You can then check the measured power consumption there.

Currently, Apple Home displays a notice that the EVVR Plug is an uncertified device. However, this does not restrict its usage. According to the manufacturer, this notice will disappear once the certification process by Apple is completed, as seen with other manufacturers in the past.

In HomeKit, the switch can be represented as a simple on/off switch, light, or fan. This allows Siri, for example, to respond to commands like “Turn off the light” for a lamp connected to the smart plug. If you use the plug as a switch type, it would not respond to the previous command. This can be useful when connecting devices such as a TV or electric heater.

In addition to the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug, there is also the EVVR Relay, to which you can connect your own plug and cable DIY.

The EVVR Smart Plug will receive several new features in October, including 24-hour Wi-Fi restart, support for the Home Assistant platform to display power consumption, and new features through Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates. EVVR promotes the key features of the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug as follows:

  1. Voice Control: Users can conveniently control their devices with the EVVR Smart Plug using Siri or their smart speakers. Additionally, the EVVR Smart Plug seamlessly integrates with the Home Assistant.
  2. Energy Savings: Take control of your energy consumption and reduce your electricity bill by up to 5% with the EVVR Smart Plug. It intelligently switches off devices in standby mode, thanks to the use of a magnetic locking relay that consumes 90% less power compared to traditional smart plugs.
  3. Remote Control: Easily manage your household appliances remotely from your mobile device. You can monitor their status and turn them on or off from anywhere. For example, parents can quickly detect and turn off accidentally left-on TVs.
  4. Energy Monitoring: With the EVVR Smart Plug, you get real-time insights into the energy consumption of your electrical devices, with an impressive accuracy rate of up to 99.5%.
  5. Home Automation: Improve your lifestyle by integrating the EVVR Smart Plug with other smart products to create an automation flow within Apple Home.
  6. 24/7 Router Restart: Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity with the EVVR Smart Plug, which continuously monitors your network signal. If it detects a network outage, it will automatically restart your router, ensuring a stable and reliable network experience.
  7. Real-time Notifications: Stay updated with the real-time notification feature of the EVVR Smart Plug. It assesses your device’s task completion based on power fluctuations and sends timely notifications to your mobile device. For example, you’ll receive a notification when your laundry cycle is finished.

You currently have the option to pre-order the EVVR Energy Monitoring Smart Plug with discounts ranging from 30% to 55%. According to EVVR, deliveries will start in November. The price for one plug is $27.30. If you choose to buy four plugs directly, the price per unit is $17.55. Additionally, you can enjoy an extra 10% discount with our community discount code, bringing the unit price for a set of four plugs down to just $15.80 with free shipping. Enter the code “SMAPFL-EVVR” at checkout.