In addition to the Hama HomeKit Plug, which we already introduced to you in our review, the manufacturer’s Plug with the Matter standard, which was announced in August, is now also available.

Like its HomeKit counterpart, the Matter-compatible indoor outlet comes with nearly identical dimensions of 5.5 × 7.7 × 5.5 mm and a maximum power handling capacity of up to 3680 watts. Due to the Matter standard, the socket adapter can be integrated not only into Apple Home but also into the other smarthome systems such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Smart Things by scanning the QR code. As HomeKit users, we know this. Scan QR code, done.

In the Apple Home app, the new Hama Matter 2.4 GHz WiFi plug is then available as usual for control, for integration into scenes and automations, and for addressing via Siri, and responds promptly.

The Hama Smart Home app is not mandatory, but the status LED and the parental lock can be (de)activated via it. The Hama Matter Smart Plug does not include an energy consumption meter.

Even though we ourselves still see some potential for development with Matter and currently mostly do without Matter devices, there is nothing to be said against it for a simple device like an on/off Smart Plug. Especially when the Matter alternative, as in this case, can be purchased for a lot less. Where the Hama HomeKit Smart Plug is priced at EUR 29.99, you can get the new Hama Matter plug for EUR 14.99. On Amazon, the price is likely to settle there as well.

An overview of all available Smart Plugs for HomeKit and Matter is available in our HomeDevices app in the corresponding category.


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