With the Bosch Smart Home Controller II, the manufacturer released a new Bridge for its own smarthome system some time ago. With the update now released, more devices connected to the controller will be passed through to Apple HomeKit.

New firmware has been released today for the new centerpiece of the Bosch Smarthome system. Connected light/shutter controls II, radiator thermostats II, room thermostats II 230 V and relays are thus now also made available in HomeKit.

If you are coming from a first-generation controller, you can also comfortably move a large part of the system data to the new device.

Other changes concern the Smart Plug compact, which in heating mode, in the event of a connection failure, automatically turns off the plugged device. All other information can be found in the official release notes.

The new Bosch Smart Home Controller II is currently reduced during Prime Days. Numerous other smarthome devices from Bosch are also currently available at a lower price.