There was a lot of smart-home news this week: Ezviz introduced a HomeKit-compatible camera, HID allows employees to open doors with Apple Wallet, Eve devices are now controllable via Alexa, Smartwings offers HomeKit blinds, Meross and Luminea launched new HomeKit outlets, and the Connectivity Standards Alliance certified several smart-home products. In addition, Signify has released a firmware update for the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box, and version 7.0 of the SwitchBot app has been released.

Ezviz introduces HomeKit compatible camera

Chinese manufacturer Ezviz announced plans for HomeKit integration and Matter support at its annual product presentation. In addition, the manufacturer already has a HomeKit-compatible surveillance camera in its lineup with the Ezviz C2 Mini S.

"Ezviz launches HomeKit-compatible C2 Mini S camera".

With standard 1080p resolution and two-way audio, the camera supports both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi. However, it remains to be seen if the camera will also support HomeKit Secure Video and if it will be available in Europe.

HID enables door opening with Apple Wallet

Identity management solutions provider HID will enable corporate employees to open doors with Apple Wallet, as well as unlock print jobs and unlock computers.

HomeKit at work: HID readers support Apple Wallet

HomeKit door locks that support HomeKey can also be opened by holding the iPhone or Apple Watch. While this is already possible in the USA, there is still a lack of compatible locks in Europe. Until now, HomeKey has been tied to the door lock. However, a keypad with HomeKey support may be sufficient in the future.

Eve devices now support Alexa

Since this week, Amazon Alexa supportsMatter over Thread” and accordingly, some products from Eve Systems can now also be controlled via Alexa.

Matter devices from Eve Systems support Amazon Alexa

The “Frustration-free setup” also enables a seamless connection between the device and the Amazon account already during the purchase. The Eve Energy, Eve Door & Window, and Eve Motion are the first devices to benefit from the new integration.

Smartwings offers HomeKit integration for roller blinds

Smartwings expands its product range with officially HomeKit-compatible roller blinds via Thread. Depending on the selected roller motor, they can be controlled via the Smartwings remote control or by other smart home systems.

Compared to pre-made blinds from IKEA, the prices are higher, but if you consider the custom-made blinds, Smartwings’ are still competitive. Future compatibility with Matter is conceivable. The new motor is now selectable during the configuration of the roller blinds and worldwide shipping is free of charge.

Meross and Luminea offer new HomeKit smart plugs

Two new HomeKit sockets launched this week. Meross offers the MSS210PHK, a smart plug with consumption measurement. The Smart Plug measures the average, maximum and total power consumption and can even determine the cost of electricity.

Luminea has a splash-proof outdoor plug on offer that can also be integrated with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The Plug is also controllable with the SmartLife and Tuya app and offers consumption metering.

Connectivity Standards Alliance certifies several smart home products

The Connectivity Standards Alliance has certified several smart-home products, including the Netatmo Smart Security Sensor, Govee Wall Light and Wall Sconces, an Smart Plug Tapo, and new versions of LG’s ThinQ app.

Govee Wall Sconces
Govee Wall Sconces

The Netatmo Smart Security Sensor, a contact sensor with motion detector, could be released soon, as firmware version 1.0.0 and a part number are already on file. Govee Wall Sconces consist of six colored wall sconces. Tapo has certified an Smart Plug with consumption measurement, automatic switch-off and absence mode. LG has released new versions of the ThinQ app.

Hue Play HDMI Sync Box: New firmware version and Siri shortcuts

Signify has released a new firmware version for the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box that fixes issues with bridge connectivity and auto power on. At the same time, the official Hue app has received an update that now supports Siri shortcuts for the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box. This means users can now control the box via Siri voice commands in conjunction with iOS 16.4 and higher.

Instruction: Use roller shutters with electric belt winder in Apple HomeKit

The Hue Play HDMI Sync Box has been on the market for a while and allows you to sync the Philips Hue lighting system with a TV or other HDMI sources. The box is available at Amazon, among other places.

SwitchBot app version 7 released

The SwitchBot app was released this week in version 7.0 and brings some new features. One of the most noticeable new features is the brand new Home view, which allows users to quickly and easily access their favorite devices.

SwitchBot app version 7 released

Other new features in the SwitchBot app include climate and lighting categories, a home status bar, quick scenes, and some bug fixes. You can get the SwitchBot Hub 2 with Matter at a special price on Amazon today only by activating the 10% coupon on the product page and also entering the code “15SMARTAPFEL” at checkout.