The Connectivity Standards Alliance certified several products this week, including the Netatmo Smart Security Sensor, Govee Wall Light and Wall Sconces, an Smart Plug from Tapo, and new versions of LG’s ThinQ app.

The release of the Netatmo Smart Security Sensor, a contact sensor with integrated motion detector, seems to be getting closer. After the device was already certified at the end of February, the firmware version 1.0.0 and also a SKU have now been submitted to the Connectivity Standards Alliance.

Govee has also had two other lamps certified, the Wall Light and Wall Sconces. The latter consists of no less than six colored wall lights, each of which produces a beam of light.

Govee Wall Sconces
Govee Wall Sconces

As another Smart Plug Tapo has certified a device with consumption measurement, automatic shutdown and absence mode. LG has also added new versions of the ThinQ app, which can be used to control the manufacturer’s compatible smart home devices.

Contact Sensor

Extended Color Light

On/Off Plug In Unit

Software Component