We have already reported about Zemismart a few times, but the manufacturer is probably not so widespread in europe. However, that could change in the future, because the manufacturer not only already has Matter devices in its lineup, but also plans to release more.

Zemismart Matter Roller Shade Motor

The Zemismart Roller Shade Motor is an affordable alternative to the Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit, but does without the integrated battery. Instead, a 100-240VAC power connection is required for installation.

Zemismart Matter roller shade motor

Then, thanks to Matter, the device can also be integrated, controlled and automated in Apple Home via Wi-Fi. The motor fits all roller blinds with an inner diameter of 36 to 38mm.

You can buy Zemismart Roller Shade Motor with Matter in the manufacturer’s own online store. Use our permanent community discount code “SMARTAPFEL” to save 10%.

Zemismart Matter Recessed Ceiling Light

Another Matter device from Zemismart is the recessed ceiling light. The lamp comes in three different sizes that require a hole of at least 67mm, 87mm or 109mm. The required power supply unit with 18V is included.

Zemismart recessed ceiling light

After installation, the recessed ceiling light can also be integrated into Apple Home via Wi-Fi thanks to Matter. After that, the lamp can illuminate the room in all imaginable colors.

You can buy Zemismart recessed ceiling light with Matter in the manufacturer’s own online store. Again, you can save 10% with our permanent community discount code “SMARTAPFEL”.

New hub with Matter, Thread and Zigbee

This week, a new hub, the Zemismart M1 Hub, successfully passed the Matter certification process. The device connects to the home network via Ethernet and can then connect to Zigbee devices, including devices from Tuya.

Thanks to Matter, most of the connected devices will subsequently be available in other smarthome systems, including HomeKit, of course. In addition, the device acts as a Thread border router.

It is not yet known when and at what price the new hub will be available.