The Smarthome standard Matter takes another step in its development as the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) has released version 1.2 of its Matter specifications. In comparison to the previous version 1.1, which mainly brought minor improvements, Matter 1.2 not only represents an evolution of the standard but also includes support for nine new device categories. Here’s an overview of the key features of Matter 1.2:

1. Refrigerators: With Matter 1.2, it will be possible to control and monitor the temperature of refrigerators. This functionality extends to deep freezers and even special refrigerators, such as wine coolers. The German BSH Group, which includes brands like Bosch, Siemens, and Gaggenau, plans to implement this feature in their “Home Connect” devices.

2.Dishwashers: Matter 1.2 not only supports basic functions like remote on/off control for dishwashers but also allows for alarms. Dishwashers can now send notifications about issues like disrupted inflow and outflow or an improperly closed door.

3.Washing Machines: Matter-compatible washing machines can now transmit progress notifications for washing cycles. Support for dryers is expected in a future version.

4.Air Purifiers: This device category can tap into other Matter categories to measure air quality and control fan speed. Air purifiers with heating functionality can also consider temperature control. Additionally, they can detect and report the filter’s condition, supporting both HEPA and activated carbon filters.

5. Room Climate Devices: In addition to thermostats and general HVAC control, standalone room climate devices are now included in Matter 1.2, enabling control of monoblock models in terms of temperature and fan speed.

6. Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Matter 1.2 supports robotic vacuum cleaners with features like remote start and progress indicators. It also allows for the transmission of essential status information, such as battery level, brush status, and error reports. It accounts for both dry vacuuming and wet mopping modes.

7. Fans: Matter 1.2 introduces the certification of fans as a distinct device category. This enhancement brings features like oscillation, natural wind simulation, direction reversal (forward and reverse airflow), and gradual fan speed adjustment.

8.Air Quality Sensors: The latest version of Matter supports ten different air quality measurements, including fine particulate matter, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and more. These data can be captured and transmitted by air purifiers and air quality sensors.

9.Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Products designed for smoke or carbon monoxide detection can now be integrated into Matter systems. They can perform automatic self-tests and report their battery status.

In addition to these new device categories, there are also detailed improvements, including support for European door locks with latches, the ability to define colors and surfaces for devices, and the use of semantic tags to create a more consistent user experience across different platforms.

The release of Matter 1.2 lays the foundation for further developments in the Matter standard. However, it will take some time for these innovations to be adopted by various platforms such as Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa. Nevertheless, Matter 1.2 promises exciting advancements, particularly in the realm of large household appliances.