New HomeKit products for the smarthome hit the market this week, including a HomeKit-compatible security camera and new Sonos speakers. Lidl offers low-cost alternatives to Philips Hue, while Apple is rumored to be planning a new HomePod with display. There is also more information about SwitchBot Hub 2, which will soon be compatible with Matter and HomeKit.

New HomeKit camera available

The INSTAR IN-8401 2K+ is a new surveillance camera launched this week from Germany. The camera is designed for indoor use and can be connected to the home network via Wi-Fi or LAN. Besides Alexa, IFTTT, CGI and MQTT, it also supports Apple HomeKit.

INSTAR IN-8401 2K+: New HomeKit camera from Germany

The camera has AI based object detection, PIR heat sensor and noise detection. The recordings can be stored on an SD card or via HTTPS, FTPS and SFTP. The INSTAR IN-8401 2K+ is available now for 139,99€ at Amazon.

Homey Bridge: Cloud-based smart home control Bridge

Homey Bridge is a new smart home control Bridge that supports multiple wireless technologies with Zigbee, Z-Wave Plus, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared and 433MHz.

Homey Bridge: Versatile smart home hub comes without HomeKit

Since the processing of the commands takes place in the cloud, the connected devices cannot be used via HomeKit. The significantly more expensive Homey Pro is needed for this.

Smartmi E1: Sleek HomeKit air purifier

The manufacturer Smartmi is particularly active in the field of smart air purifiers. So back in January we were able to announce the new Smartmi E1 air purifier to you. It is expected to be available for purchase in Germany at the end of this month.

We have been using the device for a few days and present some first-hand details.

New Sonos speakers available for pre-order

The new Sonos Era 100 and Era 300 speakers are now available for pre-order. Both speakers can be controlled via the Sonos app or via voice control and feature a capacitive volume control.

Sonos Era 100 and 300: New speakers can be pre-ordered

The Era 100 for 279€ replaces the Sonos One and has two tweeters that produce stereo sound. The Era 300 for 499€ provides a Dolby Atmos experience and has an unusual hourglass-shaped design with six drivers.

Cheap alternatives to Philips Hue

Lidl offers low-priced alternatives to well-known products from Philips Hue, which are up to 50% cheaper. These include the Livarno floor and table lamp and the Outdoor Lightstrip. With a colored outdoor floor lamp, the discounter even has a lamp on offer that Philips Hue does not offer.

Lidl offers more alternatives to Philips Hue

The colored lamps from Lidl are compatible with the Zigbee hub and can be used in HomeKit. Although the quality is not comparable to Philips Hue, the products are still an affordable alternative.

New rumors about the HomePod with display

Apple is planning to launch a new HomePod with a 7-inch display in the first half of 2024, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, for which Tianma will be the exclusive producer.

Concept: HomePod Max with display

If the rumors are true, the HomePod with display could offer users many new options and integrate their own services more.

New information about SwitchBot Hub 2

We are eagerly awaiting the SwitchBot Hub 2, which can also integrate the manufacturer’s own devices into HomeKit via Matter. Now that the hub has officially gone through theMatter certification process this week, more information has come to light.

The hub with integrated temperature and humidity sensor is expected to go on pre-sale in mid-March and then officially launch in early April. The recommended retail price will be 79.99€. At launch, Hub 2 will also make existing Bluetooth devices from the manufacturer compatible with Matter. The SwitchBot Curtain and SwitchBot Blind Tilt make the beginning. Should you decide to purchase, don’t forget to use our 25% community discount code “SMARTAPFEL25LOVEBOT”.

Philips Hue member management announces itself

The Philips Hue app will soon introduce a new feature where members can be managed. The administrator can maintain full control and grant dedicated switching rights to other members.

Philips Hue member management announces itself

Although the app already points to the feature, it is not yet functional. However, it may not be long now.