The rumors about a HomePod with a display are not new. Ming-Chi Kuo has now set the market launch for the first half of 2024 and also provides details about the display’s manufacturer.

Apple has already surprised us several times with the HomePod. Just as suddenly as the HomePod mini was introduced, the original HomePod disappeared, only to return somewhat revamped about two years later.

Earlier this year, Mark Gurman revealed that Apple is not currently working on a new version of the HomePod mini. However, the company does not seem to be completely idle and a HomePod with a display could be introduced in about a year.

Exclusive manufacturing

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Tianma will exclusively take care of the production of the 7″ displays. With the ability to display content on the HomePod, Apple could integrate its own services more tightly and offer users many new options.

Whether it actually comes to that in the end remains to be seen. The rumors have persisted for years now, and we wouldn’t be surprised if a corresponding HomePod is introduced next year.

Parker Ortolani has already shown how a HomePod with a display could look in his concept. Ming-Chi Kuo’s exact predictions are given below once again:

  • I predict that Apple will unveil a redesigned HomePod featuring a 7-inch panel in 1H24, with Tianma as the exclusive panel supplier.
  • The HomePod, which equips a panel, could enable tighter integration with Apple’s other hardware products, marking a significant shift in the company’s smart home strategy.
  • Tianma’s long-term prospects in Apple’s supply chain look promising. It’s poised to follow the growth path of BYD Electronics or BOE by starting with low-end products and gradually increasing its shipment allocation, and obtaining higher-end products through technology capacility upgrades. Tianma’s next orders from Apple may be iPad panels if the shipment goes well.
  • Tianma’s Android smartphone panel production capacity is full currently, and its capacity utilization rate surpasses its competitors. If this trend continues until 2H23, its revenue and profit in 2023 could exceed market expectations.