Apple has unveiled a new HomePod. The successor of the original HomePod offers a more powerful sound than the HomePod mini and the Smarthome also benefits from the new technology.

Just yesterday, we reported on a concept for a large HomePod. However, the now released model has none of the charming ideas, except for the shape. Neither the display nor a larger color selection is offered by Apple with the new model.

Instead, it is a re-release of the original HomePod with some technical improvements. Inside works an S7 chip, a high-excursion woofer, a built-in bass EQ microphone, and five tweeters arranged around the base.

Thread, climate sensors and more

Of course, the smarthome also benefits from the new HomePod. Among other things, the large HomePod now supports Thread. Apple has installed a temperature and humidity sensor, which will be displayed in HomeKit in the future. The HomePod mini also has these sensors integrated, but so far they are simply not available in HomeKit.

In addition, the new device has integrated noise detection that detects smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and sends users a notification directly to their iPhone in the event of an alarm. However, the new Home architecture is required for this. Thus, this is the first feature that can be used only after the upgrade.

At $299, the HomePod is not a bargain. Especially when you consider that you get three HomePod mini for this. However, if you want a rich sound, you should go for the big HomePod. The large model is available in midnight and white. Delivery will take place from February 3.