We have already reported that IKEA wants to introduce a new air quality monitor. In the meantime, the furniture giant has officially presented the new device with an integrated display. However, there is no mention of HomeKit and the first buyers do not see the air quality monitor in Apple Home.

Der neue IKEA VINDSTYRKA Luftqualitätsmonitor misst neben dem PM2.5 Wert und den flüchtigen organischen Verbindungen (TVOC) zudem die Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit. Die Werte zeigt das Gerät auf dem integrierten Display an und leitet diese, sofern mit dem IKEA DIRIGERA Hub verbunden, auch an die IKEA Home smart App weiter. Dort können dann Automationen ausgelöst und etwa der IKEA STARKVIND Luftreiniger eingeschaltet werden. Strom bezieht das Gerät über USB-C.

No surprises as far as that goes. However, IKEA only mentions the connection to the IKEA Home smart app in the press release. There is no mention of other smarthome platforms that the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub normally supports as well.

This coincides with feedback from an early user who can connect the sensor to the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub, but does not see the sensors displayed in Apple Home. It is conceivable that IKEA is currently busy with the Matter certification for the hub and therefore does not currently have a separate certification for Apple HomeKit.

On the other hand, it is still some time until the official market launch in April. It is possible that IKEA is currently in the HomeKit certification process and is not yet allowed or willing to talk about HomeKit. We have contacted IKEA and are currently waiting for an answer. By the way, the new device is supposed to cost around €40 and is even already available in the first stores.