Actually, the new IKEA VINDSTYRKA air quality monitor is not scheduled to launch until April. However, the device is already available in some stores of the furniture giant, at least in Germany.

If you have an IKEA DIRIGERA Hub in use, you can expand your smarthome with a comparatively inexpensive air quality monitor with display in the future. Because unlike the Eve Room or Qingping Air Monitor Lite for around 100€ each, the IKEA VINDSTYRKA only costs 40€. Only the Aqara TVOC plays in the same price category.

Powered via USB-C, the IKEA VINDSTYRKA then shows air quality (PM2.5 or TVOC), temperature and humidity on the display. An arrow also classifies the current air quality in a traffic light system.

Unlike the already available IKEA VINDRIKTNING air quality sensor, which is for display only, the new model can be connected to the IKEA DIRIGERA Hub and should thus also appear in Apple Home.

So the next time you visit IKEA, it’s worth taking a look at the Smarthome section. Even though the device is not yet listed in the online store, it can already be purchased in Essen, Germany.