The debacle surrounding the HomeKit architecture upgrade released with iOS 16.2 will probably be with us for a while. In a beta of iOS 16.3, the upgrade was initially available again, but did not make it into the final version in the end. However, Apple is internally testing version 2 of the upgrade, as shown by a code snippet that has surfaced.

The HomeKit architecture upgrade announced at WWDC is supposed to bring some big changes, but users should actually only feel the improved stability and faster device response times. Instead, some users experienced problems after the upgrade. Devices became slow, were sometimes completely missing, and family members could no longer be invited.

Apple then withdrew the HomeKit architecture upgrade, added the issues to a list of major issues, and even published a help document, which didn’t really help most users, though.

The upgrade was then available again in a beta of iOS 16.3. However, Apple does not seem to be really sure that there will be no problems this time and has not released the upgrade with the final version.

A code snippet is now making the rounds on Twitter, in which the switch for version two can be seen. We assume that Apple will release the upgrade again with the next iOS update. It would also be possible that the upgrade, just like it was deactivated in iOS 16.2, will be reactivated without an iOS update.

For spring, Apple has announced a new feature for the HomePod and HomePod mini that requires the HomeKit architecture upgrade. Via the microphones, the devices are supposed to detect alarms from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and alert the user via notifications. Apple has to release the upgrade again with the introduction of this feature at the latest.