Before we send you off into the final week of Christmas, let’s recap the events of the past seven days.

Matter updates available for the first devices from Eve Systems

This week, as promised, Eve Systems released the first Matter updates. These are available now as an Early Access Program.

Upgrade to Matter: Everything stays the same? Not quite!

After all Apple devices have been updated to the latest versions, Matter Migration can be performed for the Eve Energy, Eve Motion and Eve Door & Window with Thread. Although the range of functions is supposed to remain identical, some things are currently changing. Among others, triggers and conditions in automations are affected.

iOS 16.2 brings some advantages for HomeKit users

Apple released iOS 16.2 to all users this week. Among other things, the long announced architecture upgrade can be performed after the installation. In this article, we have summarized the things that need to be considered.

iOS 16.2 released: architecture upgrade, Matter, voice recognition and more

Furthermore, the latest version is a prerequisite for the integration of Matter devices. The new voice recognition has also been introduced on the Apple TV.

Google Nest and Android devices support Matter

This week, Google also gave its own Nest and Android devices a Matter update.

Matter launches on Google Nest and Android devices

Among other things, this allows Eve Systems’ Matter devices to be connected to Google’s devices.

Connect with Plants: Smart plant sensor FYTA Beam

Is your thumb not quite as green as ours either? No problem! The smart plant sensor FYTA Beam lets your plants talk to you. Your FYTA Beam Sensor snuggles up to your plant in the pot and monitors soil moisture, nutrient levels, temperature and light levels.

The FYTA team is very committed to the “Connect with Plants” theme, as also demonstrated by the open developer api. The foundation is laid for integration into your smart home, for example to switch on the plant light, activate the humidifier or open the blinds. You can find all the details about the smart plant sensor in our current review.

Airversa plans HomeKit humidifier

You probably know Airversa through our hands-on of the Purelle air purifier and through our “Friends & Partners” community discount. To date, the air purifier is the only one with the new Thread. Now the company is coming forward with exciting prospects for a fancy humidifier called Airversa Humelle that is expected to be released in April 2023.

With a 5.5-liter tank, an RGB LED mood light at the bottom, and sensors to automatically measure humidity, the unit’s transparent design makes it an eye-catcher. We’ll report back as soon as there are more details in the new year.

New M2 Hub from Aqara announced

Aqara has announced a new version of the M2 Hub, our friends at HomeKitNews report. The power is no longer supplied via USB-C, but via PoE, i.e. via the Ethernet cable.

New M2 Hub from Aqara announced

In addition, a twice as fast dual-core A7 chip and Bluetooth 5.0 work inside. It should also be possible to use your own audio files in automations via the Aqara app.

SmartApfel updated

Yesterday the SmartApfel received an update to version 5.0.3. This allows our app to be used again with iOS 15, among other things.

But the offers have also received an essential update. These can now be searched and filtered. There is also a new Matter filter and a separate category for the new Smarthome standard.