Apple released iOS 16.3 to all users yesterday. However, the HomeKit architecture upgrade and the integration of the sensors from the HomePod mini are still missing. According to rumors, the software versions 16.3 for the HomePod and the Apple TV will follow tomorrow, Wednesday.

If you have already installed iOS 16.3 and then looked expectantly at the Home app, we have to disappoint you. Although the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system includes support for the new HomePod, the software update to 16.3 for the HomePod mini is still pending. For the first time, this also integrates the temperature and humidity sensors that the HomePod mini has had built-in from the start.

In addition, Apple has also not yet released the new version for the Apple TV. The still missing software versions might also be the reason for the missing HomeKit architecture upgrade so far. The software versions are expected to be released tomorrow, Wednesday.