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At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas 2023, manufacturers once again presented their latest innovations. Our long-time partner SwitchBot was also there with an exciting new product, the SwitchBot Hub 2.

The SwitchBot Hub 2 is a Wi-Fi-based Matter hub that integrates SwitchBot Bluetooth products via the new Smarthome standard. Once connected to Hub 2, SwitchBot Bluetooth devices on Apple Home or other platforms can be controlled via Matter. Read our article to find out all the details about the exciting news. The first product will be the SwitchBot Curtain.

Additionally, it is always good to take a brief look at our “Friends and Partners” section. There you will find permanent community discounts. Also, from SwitchBot.

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HomeDevices should not be missing for any Apple Home user. HomeDevices is the world’s largest HomeKit and Matter database that lists not only devices, but also all their functions. Does a device have a specific sensor? What can be controlled? Does the SwitchBot Curtain actually support the battery indicator in Apple Home? The HomeDevices app is the first place to go whenever it comes to Apple Home. Soon also for the SwichtBot Matter devices.


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SwitchBot App

The SwitchBot app gives you additional customization options for all the SwitchBot devices. For example, the holding time of the SwichtBot Bot can be specified there in advance. Of course, you can also conveniently get the latest firmware updates via the App.

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