Signify has updated its own Philips Hue app. In addition to suitable lighting scenes for the Christmas season, the company now also offers a configurable alternative to Apple’s “Adaptive Lighting” with the “Natural Light” scene.

Light scenes for the Christmas season

A look at the light scene gallery of the Philips Hue app is worthwhile all year round. But there are also always new scenes to discover, in keeping with the seasons and holidays.

With “Nutcracker”, “Jolly” and “Snow sparkle”, there are three light scenes that will bathe your Philips Hue lamps in the appropriate festive light in just a few steps. You can access the gallery via the room view by adding a new scene there and then selecting the “Hue Lightscene Gallery”.

“Natural Light” as an Alternative to “Adaptive Lighting”

With “Adaptive Lighting”, the color temperature of your lamps is automatically adjusted during the day and the blue components are reduced in the evening. The option can be activated in Apple’s Home app per lamp in the color selection.

The alternative from Philips Hue is much more flexible. The dynamic light scene “Natural Light”, which can also be activated via the Light Scene Gallery, is freely configurable.

Philips Hue Natural Light

You can customize both the time slots and the light scenes for these times. You also have the option to dim the lights automatically at night, for example.