With software version 16.3 for the HomePod(mini), Apple has not only released the temperature and humidity sensors and added a confirmation tone for completed smart home requests via Siri. Ambient sounds can now be easily played on a HomePod (mini) via HomeKit, and without an Apple Music subscription.

If you want to play forest sounds as soon as the motion detector in the rain shower is triggered, a crackling fire when it’s date night again or white noise as soon as you go to bed, this was not possible directly via HomeKit for a long time.

With software version 16.3, Ambient Sounds can now be used by all users in automations, scenes and alarms. No active Apple Music subscription is required. A total of seven ambient sounds are available: Fireplace, Forest, Night, Ocean, Rain, Stream and White Noise.

Use ambient sounds in Apple Home

In a scene or automation, you simply select a HomePod as accessory, hit “Select Audio” and there you have the option “Ambient Sounds”.