After we could already report about the launch of the new Govee M1 Lightstrip with Matter support this morning, the manufacturer has added another pleasant news: Existing customers who have the old version of the Lightstrip in use will receive a new control box that supports the new Smarthome standard free of charge.

Govee has been offering the M1 (H61E1), a light strip with a length of five meters, for quite some time. When the eponymous device with Matter support was unveiled, it was initially not entirely clear whether it was a new device or whether existing devices would also receive a firmware update.

In the meantime, it is certain that old devices will not receive new firmware. However, the manufacturer replaces the M1 Control Box free of charge instead. At least for customers who ordered the device from the manufacturer’s own online store. Existing customers only need to fill out the form on this special page. Govee will then get back to you within one business day and ship the replacement unit to the address provided with the original order.

The new model with Matter is currently available at an introductory price with 30% discount. All you have to do is activate the coupon on the product page.

Thank you, homewithapple!