They say you can tell a lot about a man from his… robot vacuum? Let’s reinterpret that old saying a bit. Because alongside the new SwitchBot K10+ Mini Robot Vacuum, even dainty size 42 feet seem gigantic.

While you may primarily associate SwitchBot with the manufacturer’s retrofit products, such as the SwitchBot Lock or the SwitchBot Curtain, the company also has a presence in the robot vacuum market. So far, this presence has been mainly in the Chinese and Japanese markets. However, this is changing with the introduction of the SwitchBot K10+ Mini Robot Vacuum.

The SwitchBot K10+ lives up to its “mini” name, measuring only 24.8 × 9.2 cm, making it the most compact robot vacuum we know. Even the dust collection station stands at a mere 32 centimeters in height. Despite its small size, the technology in both hardware and software is far from miniature. The build quality and choice of materials, both in the robot and the dust collection station, reflect the same level of quality found in other SwitchBot products.

The SwitchBot K10+ boasts a suction power of up to 2500 Pa and can operate continuously for 120 minutes when needed, covering up to 120 m² on a single charge. In line with the selected mode, it operates quietly at just 45 dB. Cleaning modes ranging from 600 Pa to 2500 Pa are available through the SwitchBot App. With a 4-liter capacity in the dust collection station, the dust bag only needs replacement roughly every 70 days.

Connected via 2.4 GHz WiFi, the K10+ is configured through the familiar SwitchBot App. Especially noteworthy is its room mapping feature, which allows for precise management. After the robot has scanned its surroundings and created a map during its initial run using laser navigation, you can divide rooms, set virtual no-go zones, create cleaning schedules, and make various other adjustments typical of a modern robot vacuum.

We were pleasantly surprised by how sophisticated and user-friendly these features are. It’s clear that SwitchBot is no novice in the field of robot vacuums. The list of features is extensive.

The SwitchBot K10+ certainly doesn’t need to hide behind brands like iRobot, ECOVACS, Roborock, Dreame, and others with similar models. Its excellent suction power and incredibly compact design have won our family over, as it can reach areas and gaps for cleaning that a conventional robot vacuum can’t reach.

In addition to controlling it through the SwitchBot App, the K10+ Mini Robot Vacuum can also be interfaced with third-party platforms, offering at least basic control features.

  • Siri Shortcuts: Supports functions like starting cleaning, pausing cleaning, resuming cleaning, returning to the charging station, pausing charging, finding the K10+, and adjusting the suction level.
  • Alexa: Supports turning the K10+ on and off and adjusting various suction levels.
  • Google Home: Supports starting, pausing, and charging the K10+.
  • SmartThings: Supports turning the K10+ on and off.
  • IFTTT: Supports starting, pausing, and charging the K10+ and adjusting suction strength.

In version 1.2, the Matter smart home standard also includes support for robot vacuums. SwitchBot has this in its sights and plans a firmware update for the K10+ in due course.

For FAQs related to the SwitchBot K10+ Robot Vacuum, please visit the support page. You can purchase the new SwitchBot K10+ Mini Robot Vacuum directly from the SwitchBot online store or on Amazon for a price of €499. Use our community discount code “SMARTAPFEL20LOVEBOT” on the manufacturer’s online store to reduce the price to just €399.


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