With the Eve MotionBlinds Upgrade Kit, the first rollo motor is already available as a retrofit solution with Matter. However, Zemismart now also offers a corresponding device and also has a novelty in the Matter universe on offer.

If you have existing roller blinds or curtains in use and would like to integrate them into your Smarthome in the future, Zemismart now has the right products.

Zemismart roller motor with Matter

The Zemismart Wi-Fi Matter Roller Shade Motor can be used for roller shades with a tube diameter of 36 to 38 mm and a minimum length of about 350 mm. The competition is much more flexible thanks to various adapters with an outer tube diameter of 38 to 51 mm, but also requires a minimum length of 680 mm.

An EU plug can be selected on the product page.

In addition, the motor from Zemismart requires a socket nearby. A battery has been omitted here. Not least because you rely on the energy-hungry Wi-Fi instead of Thread.

For this, the Zemismart roller motor costs only about 60€. A remote control with one or nine channels is also included for around 3€ or 7€ more. Save 10% with our permanent friends & partners discount code “SMARTAPFEL”. Pre-ordering is now possible.

Zemismart curtain motor with Matter over Thread

The first product of its kind in the Matter universe is the curtain motor. Here, a guide rail is supplied with a length of two, three, four or five meters. On the side is the motor that can open or close the curtains on both sides.

Although the energy-saving Thread radio standard is included, the power supply only lasts for one to two days with the installed battery, according to the manufacturer. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the power supply permanently connected.

The curtain motor is priced between 184€ and 230€ depending on the selected length. A remote control is included at no extra charge. Also here you can save 10% with the code “SMARTAPFEL”. By the way, unlike the roller blind motor, the curtain motor cannot have a plug selected on the product page. However, our package came with a matching EU plug. Furthermore, the motor also has a USB-C port.