Already on Monday we reported about the launch of new Matter devices from Eve Systems. Meanwhile, the manufacturer’s own app is also available in version 6.0 in the App Store and provides interested users with the Matter existing HomeKit devices.

If you have an Eve Energy, Eve Door & Window or Eve Motion with Thread in use, you can now perform the Matter migration via the Eve app.

In the course of this, the complete identity of the device is exchanged and the HomeKit code loses its validity. Instead, you’ll receive a digital Matter code that will be needed for setup from now on. You should save this code, for example in controllers for HomeKit or HomePass, because the new setup is no longer possible without the code.

Migration not recommended for everyone

Now, before you rush to install the new version of the Eve app and perform the migration, you should consider whether you need Matter at this point at all. As a pure HomeKit user, we do not recommend performing the migration. Only for users who want to use other smarthome systems in the future, the change is worthwhile.

The migration takes about 15 to 20 minutes. If you don’t want to spend that time, you can also get the Eve Energy, Eve Door & Window, and the Eve Motion with Matter Firmware pre-installed. However, the contact sensor and motion detector with HomeKit integration are cheaper.