Eve Systems today officially launched more devices with Matter Firmware pre-installed. The new Matter smarthome standard enables compatibility with all major smarthome platforms, so Eve Systems’ previously HomeKit-exclusive devices can also be used via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other smarthome systems.

Migrating existing devices to Matter was previously only possible as part of the Early Access Program, but as of today, the migration will be available to all users via the manufacturer’s own app. In the process, the device is given a new identity in the background and the previous HomeKit code is replaced by a digital Matter code. You should save this code, because a new setup without this code is not possible.


In addition to migration, Eve Systems also offers new models with Matter Firmware pre-installed. The Eve Energy has already been available for a few weeks, while the Eve Door & Window and Eve Motion start today. However, the manufacturer has also increased the prices in the course of this. Instead of €39.95, the devices will cost €49.95 in the future.

We recommend reaching for the Eve Door & Window and Eve Motion with HomeKit firmware, as they are less expensive and can also be equipped with Matter Firmware within 15 to 20 minutes due to the easy migration.