If you were wondering, as we were, when Aqara’s last app update came out, what the company was integrating music player cards for, we now have the answer: Aqara is partnering with Sonos.

Selected Sonos speakers can now be connected to Aqara devices. For example, the Cube T1 Pro can be used to adjust the volume by turning it or to jump to the next song by shaking it. The automations can be easily created via the Aqara app.

Some things could also already be accomplished via HomeKit automations. However, not all triggers of the Aqara devices are available under HomeKit, including the example above, namely rotating or shaking the Cube T1 Pro.

Supported Sonos speakers

Supported speakers include Sonos Arc, Beam Gen 2, Five, Move, One, Roam SL, and Sub Gen 3. If the speakers are connected via the Aqara app (Profile → Third Party Authorization → Sonos), the full range of triggers can be used there.