Aqara has updated its own app and supports German, French and Spanish in addition to English, Korean and Russian. If you take a look at the release notes, you will also notice a new feature, but you won’t find it.

We primarily use HomeKit apps and try to avoid the manufacturer’s own apps. However, Aqara’s app offers much more functionality than just firmware updates. It is all the more pleasing that the app now also supports German, French and Spanish. If your iPhone is set to one of these languages, the Aqara app will welcome you in that language in the future. At one point or another, the chosen translations are somewhat clumsy or missing completely.

The release notes also mention “Space Snapshot”. The new feature is designed to provide a report on the current status of the devices and display instructions for action. Since we couldn’t find the feature, we checked with the manufacturer. The company informed us that “Space Snapshot” is only intended for the Chinese market.