In line with the VOCOlinc Ripple market launch, the smallest HomeKit aroma diffuser to date, we would like to introduce you to the modern version of the air freshener for the bathroom today. Compared to Brise One Touch, Air Wick, glade and the like, the control via HomeKit offers a decisive advantage: In addition to the aroma diffuser, the bathroom fan can also be switched on.

For this automation you need an aroma diffuser or humidifier and a switch. Optionally, you can also integrate the bathroom fan into HomeKit via a flush-mounted module.

We open Apple’s Home app and go into the settings of our switch, which we have positioned next to the toilet. Under “Actions” we add a new automation for “Press once”. As devices we select the aroma diffuser as well as the ventilation.

Add automation

In the next step, we turn on the aroma diffuser and set the desired humidity to 100%. This ensures that the device remains switched on for the desired duration. We also activate the ventilation.

Switch on aroma diffuser and ventilation

So that the devices do not remain permanently switched on, we set “After 3 minutes” under “Deactivate”. After this duration, both the diffuser and the bathroom fan are turned off. If you want to leave the ventilation on longer than the diffuser, you will need to create two separate automations.

Deactivate automation after three minutes

Click “Done” to create and activate the automation. As soon as the switch is pressed, the aroma diffuser together with the fan provides a pleasant air.