In addition to the recently introduced furniture lock, the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock with Apple HomeKit integration, the Yale Smart Safe is now launching, as promised by the manufacturer at IFA in September 2022. Of course, this can also be integrated into the Apple ecosystem.

However, it is not as unusual as a smart furniture safe sounds at first. The Yale company draws on decades of expertise in locking systems. Among them, of course, are now smart locks. Yale is no stranger to safes either. So it stands to reason that smarthome integration is now also making its way into a safe from the manufacturer.

The Yale Smart Safe has the external dimensions of 250 × 350 × 300 mm and can be perfectly inserted into the existing furniture. Inside, with 242 × 345 × 245 mm, there is enough space for a wide variety of valuables. If necessary, the safe can be anchored via the back of the safe using enclosed screws. It has a volume of 20.5 liters and a weight of 12.1 kg. The electronics in the safe are powered by 4x AA batteries. The laser-cut door and anti-saw bolts provide appropriate protection against attacks.

The safe can be locked and unlocked quite classically and physically at any time with the enclosed double-bit key. Through the Yale Access app, you set a 4-6 digit pin code for yourself as the owner. But you also have the option to give access to other family members or guests. This can be quite practical, for example, when renting out vacation homes or smaller offices. Temporary, recurring or permanent are the setting options for access. If the safe should run out of power due to empty batteries despite advance warning, the safe can also be unlocked electronically again using a 9-volt block battery connected from the outside and the appropriate pin code.

Communication with the Yale Smart Safe is via Bluetooth 4.2. For use in HomeKit, the separately available Yale Wi-Fi Bridge is not required. However, if you want to view the log of locking operations from outside your apartment or manage user access, the bridge is required.

As you’re used to with all HomeKit devices, integrating it into your Apple home is again the easiest step. Scan QR code, assign room, done. Afterwards, the Yale Safe presents itself as a locking mechanism in the Home App and can be integrated into scenes, automations and rules. Of course, it should be kept in mind that security-relevant devices like locks always require authentication on the iOS device. It is therefore not always possible to open the safe via Siri on demand. The iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch must be unlocked. Notifications when the safe has been opened and locked will of course be sent to you upon request.

The Yale HomeKit Smart Safe is available directly from the manufacturer’s online store at a price of EUR 289. For a short period, there is a 10% discount with the code “CHECKOUT10” to end up at a price of 260.10 EUR.