Until now, an account was not required to control Philips Hue lamps. However, this is to change soon, as the company now informs affected users via app.

Apple Home devices can be used locally and without an account. Outside of Apple’s Smarthome platform, however, many manufacturers require an account. Philips Hue was not one of them until now.

However, this is to change in the future, as the company has already informed affected users via the manufacturer’s own app. In response to a user’s question on X (Twitter), Philips Hue responded as follows:

Believe us, this change can only benefit the users, when it comes to security. Soon it will indeed be mandatory to have a Hue account in order to control the lights.


An account was already required for remote access via the Hue app. With the introduction of Philips Hue Secure, remote access and access management becomes even more important.

If you have controlled and managed your lamps without an account so far, you will have to create an account in the future. Even if you use the system exclusively through Apple Home, proprietary features and firmware updates require the use of the Hue app.