The days are getting shorter again and the temperatures are dropping. In the cold season, there is no more pleasant heat than through a fireplace. As long as you observe a few things during operation, a fireplace is absolutely safe. In some exceptional cases, however, it can become a deadly hazard, such as when negative pressure develops in the installation room. However, with Fibaro’s CO detector and Netatmo’s new device, there are also ways in HomeKit to monitor carbon monoxide levels in the air and warn of danger. Today we’ll show you how to turn on lights throughout your home in case of an emergency and play an alert through AirPlay 2 speakers.

To do this, we go into Apple’s Home app and create a new automation. As a trigger, we use “When a sensor detects something” and select our carbon monoxide sensor. In the next step, we make sure that the “Detects carbon monoxide” is checked.

Create new HomeKit automation with carbon monoxide detector as trigger

Via “Next” scenes and devices can be selected. Since this is about our safety, we select all lights and AirPlay 2 speakers throughout the house. In the next step we activate all lamps.

Activate all lamps

Now we select “Audio” at the very bottom under Media. The AirPlay 2 speakers can be configured there. We set the checkmarks at “Play audio” as well as at “Use own volume”. We set the volume to 100%.

Configure AirPlay 2 speakers

Now we just need to configure an alarm sound. To do this, we go to “Select Audio”, enter “Sirens Radiation Alarm” in the search and add the top track. Then we activate the switch at “Repeat”, so that the siren is played in an endless loop.

Select alarm tone

Via “Back” and “Done” the automation is created and activated. That’s about it. If the carbon monoxide detector ever measures a dangerous concentration in the air, the entire house is warned.