There is good news for all Nest Thermostat users: Google has started rolling out firmware with support for the new Matter smarthome standard. This means that the thermostat from 2020 can finally be integrated into Apple HomeKit.

It was announced in the Google Nest Community that a new firmware will be released starting today that will at least let Nest’s latest thermostat integrate with Apple HomeKit via Matter as well.

Even though the update is supposed to be rolled out starting today, users might have to wait a few weeks. The update is to be gradually distributed to all users.

Great news! We’re rolling out Matter compatibility for our newest Nest Thermostat released in 2020. This means you can now adjust the temp and change your thermostat’s mode with multiple Matter-certified smart home platforms and apps.

If your Nest Thermostat hasn’t received this update just yet, don’t worry — Matter compatibility will be rolling out to Nest Thermostat over the next few weeks, starting April 18.

Google Nest Community

By the way, the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E devices available in Europe do not receive any updates.