If you have Matter devices from the Nanoleaf Essentials series in use and they respond only very slowly or not at all, we have a quick solution for your problem.

Even though the new Matter smarthome standard has been available for months now and more and more manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon, we are still a long way from a stable smarthome solution.

Nanoleaf was one of the first manufacturers to offer Matter devices with the Essentials line. However, when integrated into Apple Home, users are often confronted with the message “No response”.

Sign out from the Nanoleaf Cloud

The problem seems to be with the synchronization between the Nanoleaf Cloud and Apple Home. Users who have signed out of the Nanoleaf Cloud via the app report Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrips and lamps suddenly responding quickly.

Even if this is not a permanent solution, it can at least bridge the time until the developers at Nanoleaf have permanently solved the problem.