Again this week, a number of devices have received Matter. Even though there were only five devices in total, the Orvibo MixPad D1 and the Govee String Light are two quite interesting devices.

The Orvibo MixPad D1 is a wall switch with integrated display for the US market and is already available on Amazon. The display can be used to show information, start scenes, dim lights and perform other actions. The Matter badge can already be seen on the product page, which means that the integration should already be available.

Orvibo MixPad D1

The Govee String Light is an outdoor light string with large bulbs. Even though the product is already available, it remains to be seen whether Govee will release a firmware update or require new hardware.

Govee String Light

Other devices that received Matter Certification this week include the Qihang Smart Plug-in Unit, a Smart Plug from Espressif and a SoC for colored lights from Silicon Labs.

Color Temperature Light

Dimmer Switch

Extended Color Light

On/Off Plug In Unit