This week, several new devices as well as software components have gone through the Matter certification process. Among them devices from WiZ and Nanoleaf, the admin software for FireOS and the Wi-Fi mesh system Deco X55 from TP-Link.

WiZ, Signify’s subsidiary, has already had numerous lamps certified. This week, two more new lamps have been added. The distribution of the new Matter Firmware should not be far off.

Nanoleaf has not been idle either. Since this week, not only the first Matter devices of the Essentials series can be pre-ordered in the US, but also the Lightstrip has now received the official certification.

In terms of software, both Apple’s operating systems and the admin software component for FireOS can be found. TP-Link’s Wi-Fi mesh system Deco X55 seems unusual at first. However, it was not the router itself that was certified here, but the integrated smarthome hub.

Just because the devices have been certified by the CSA does not mean they are already fully compatible with Matter. It is still up to the manufacturer’s discretion when firmware updates are distributed and devices are released. Below is the full list of devices certified this week.

Color Temperature Light

Extended Color Light

Software Component