Apple is currently in the process of distributing the latest version 16.5 of its operating system to users’ devices. Among them iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, as well as an update for HomePod and the Apple Watch with watchOS 9.5.

New brand strategy: "Apple HomeKit" becomes "Apple Home

Regarding HomeKit or Matter, the release notes state the following:

New functions

  • A shared administrator in a home can now pair and add Matter. (106449382)

Fixed problems

  • Fixed: When a manual software update was triggered for a Matter, Home may not indicate that the update was requested, but continued to indicate that an update was available. (104902918)
  • Fixed: Paring of accessories by shared administrators failed when Home Hubs are running versions prior to tvOS 16.5 beta. (105204882)
  • Fixed: Software updates for Matter devices may be offered again even though the update has already completed successfully. (106768113)
  • Fixed: Shared administrators cannot pair the first Matter in a Home. (107073942)

With iOS 16.5 and the update of the iOS Google Home app, iOS users can now add Matter devices to the household via the Google app. If this constellation should exist out there at all. 😉 In any case, it is technically possible now.

In addition, the Thread is also supposed to receive an update from version 1.2 to version 1.3 with iOS 16.5. The new version brings significant advantages. Among other things, the standard enables seamless communication between Matter, devices Thread Border Router can then also be reached via IP, and firmware updates can be installed automatically on all Thread devices simultaneously. That with iOS 16.5 Thread v1.3 has actually arrived can be seen with the “Discovery” app if you are interested. Thanks to our community member try-error-repeat for the hint and tip in our forum.