A while ago we reported that the smart IKEA KADRILJ roller blind, which seamlessly integrates with Apple HomeKit, is on clearance sale. There has been speculation about whether IKEA wants to stop selling altogether. However, we have now received official feedback from our contact at IKEA.

IKEA plans to launch two new successor products to the IKEA KADRILJ and the IKEA FYRTUR roller blind during fiscal 2024. These are to be further improved not only in terms of their function, but also in their technical capabilities.

IKEA KADRILJ blackout blind

Cheap alternative to premium roller blinds

IKEA roller blinds are comparatively cheap, work reliably and can be installed anywhere thanks to the battery. Via a hub from IKEA, the blinds can be integrated into all major smarthome platforms, including Apple HomeKit.

As already suspected, IKEA will not discontinue the smart blinds. On the contrary, the furniture giant wants to further improve the products. Since at least the translucent IKEA KADRILJ is already on sale, there will certainly be a time when the current version is sold out and the successor is not yet available. In this case, it might be worth making a quick purchase decision. We will keep an eye on further developments and report on them as soon as new information is available.