“Over 1000 compatible devices and services. One small button that can control almost any connected device, or service at the touch of a button.” At least that’s how the manufacturer advertises the small Flic 2 button. And now also with HomeKit.

Swedish company Shortcut Labs, which is behind Flic, has been in the smart home universe for some time. Starting in 2015 with the first generation Flic and since March this year with the successful delivery of the Kickstarter funded campaign for Flic 2 and the Hub LR.

Thanks to the currently released Flic App version 5.0.0 and the new Hub firmware 3.0.2, the day has finally come when the Flic Hub LR also supports HomeKit. Integrating Flic with HomeKit is a breeze. And the ability to now also start the TV, dim the lights and turn on the popcorn machine with one click is certainly unbeatable for some users.

The really small Flic Hub LR (86 × 66 × 13 mm) takes the capabilities of the Flic Button to another level. For connected services, such as IFTTT, Web Request and of course HomeKit integration, this is mandatory. The small hub in the plastic case is connected to the power supply via micro-USB and optionally connected to the Internet via Ethernet cable or later in the setup via Wi-Fi. Up to 63 buttons can be connected to the hub.

The Flic Hub LR is connected and set up via the Flic App. By a long press on a Flic 2 button, it can then be assigned to the hub.

Compared to its predecessor, the Flic 2 is a small button with the latest Bluetooth 5 LE, with a diameter of only 30 mm, which should last up to three years with a replaceable CR2032 battery. The small buttons can also be used without a hub. However, with a correspondingly lower range of functions, since it is only directly connected to the smartphone and without HomeKit.

For HomeKit use, in addition to automations and voice commands to Siri, simple push switches like the Flic 2 are also quite practical. Whether it’s to save having to reach for the iPhone, not disturbing anyone in the evening with a voice command, or worse, still giving Android users and voice command refusers in the household access to the smart devices.

The Flic 2 button supports the “Press once”, “Press twice” and “Press for a long time” function. So all the options available in HomeKit in a single switch.

The Flic 2 Button is much more than just a handy HomeKit button. In fact, HomeKit is now a nice and very welcome accessory. Those who do not yet have a hub from another manufacturer, such as the Hue Bridge, the Aqara Hub, etc., are excellently served by the Flic 2. But also as a supplement in the smart home, the multitude of possibilities in addition to HomeKit, makes the Flic Button an all-rounder. Connected service partners like Home Connect, Volvo On Call, IFTTT and many more give the buttons a huge field of application. Get here additionally everything about Flic at a glance.

The new HomeKit Flic 2 Smart Button Starter Kit includes the Flic Hub LR, as well as four Flic 2 Buttons. In terms of price, the set is about 160, – €. A single Flic 2 button is also available for around 26,- € to 29,- € via Amazon.


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