Swiss company myStrom may not yet be on the radar of every Apple HomeKit user. The devices for the Apple home are also available in other countries and come with some interesting features.

myStrom basically offers a whole range of its own services. For example, the myStrom Cockpit, a supplement to the myStrom app in desktop format. The myStrom Home Guard, which uses the myStrom app and devices you already own for comprehensive protection of your home. In addition to the myStrom devices themselves, SONOS and, via myStrom Home, devices from Philips Hue, Shelly and IKEA TRÅDFRI are also supported. myStrom Home, based on a Raspberry Pi 4, combines the devices of the above manufacturers in the myStrom app. Possibly these combination possibilities “out of the box”, are an interesting option for one or the other user. In addition, myStrom is compatible with a whole range of smart home systems.

In line with our favourite smarthome system, we focus on the manufacturer’s current myStrom HomeKit devices.

Wi-Fi LED Strip Controller

Want to make an existing LED light strip HomeKit compatible? Or maybe you have a special lighting installation in mind for which there is no HomeKit LED strip manufacturer? The myStrom WiFi LED Strip Controller can be the device of your choice.

The compact controller (120 × 36 × 25 mm) is supplied with connection cables already connected for a transformer with round plug (transformer must be purchased separately) and e.g. for an RGBW strip (5-pin, incl. terminal). If there is no HomeKit QR code on your LED controller, you will be offered an over-the-air (OTA) firmware update via the myStrom app. The Wi-Fi controller can then also be immediately integrated into HomeKit without any challenges. This is then controllable with the features as light as usual in the Apple ecosystem.

Wi-Fi Switch Intermediate Plug

The smart myStrom Plug with HomeKit (87 × 150 × 87 mm) 16 A max, offers a lot more than on/off. Even if only this function is available within the Apple ecosystem.

The myStrom app provides you with the power consumption display and history, and also offers other features. The special feature of the myStrom Switch Plug is that it can also be used in conjunction with, for example, a balcony power station. In the app settings for the Plug, you set the function so that you can track how much power your solar panel generates, with what yield and at what time of day. Special notifications can also be defined there.

For HomeKit, the myStrom power Plug delivers another little bonus. The housing also contains a room temperature sensor whose measurement data can also be displayed in HomeKit and used in automations.

Wi-Fi Motion Motion Detector

One device from myStrom that we have particularly taken to heart is the compact myStrom WiFi Motion Sensor (75 × 40 × 22 mm), which is used directly in a socket.

This not only saves charging or replacing batteries, as with other smart motion detectors, but also saves the environment a bit. And an existing socket, such as in the entrance area or in the bathroom, to place the smart sensor should also be found quickly. Depending on the detected movement, the light or the infrared heating can be controlled or entire device scenes can be started.

But this is not only exclusively through movement. Additional sensors are also integrated in the myStrom Motion Sensor. You also get a temperature and brightness sensor in the small device. These values are also available in HomeKit and can be used there for further actions and notifications.

By the way, there is also a very practical button switch from myStrom, the WiFi Button Plus (53 × 53 × 13 mm). According to the manufacturer, however, this will not receive a HomeKit update. Apple’s restrictions are the reason here. The button is characterized by its five keys, each of which can be assigned a Single Press, Double Press and Long Press. So a total of twelve functions. In addition, the Button Plus also contains an environmental sensor that measures room temperature and humidity. The integrated 450mAh battery is charged via USB-C when needed.

However, the DIY enthusiasts among our readers who have a Homebridge in use will also get this myStrom device with all the features integrated into HomeKit. With the appropriate plugin, homebridge-dingz, this was also done in a few minutes for us.

Overall, you get very solid, functional and well-made smart devices at myStrom. We like the different concept of the motion detector for the socket very much and it has already proven itself in our entrance area. We also like the use of additional sensors in one device, even though we now have enough temperature sensors in each room.

The HomeKit Motion Sensor for the socket is offered for 39.90 EUR, the Switch intermediate power outlet with measuring function for 55.95 EUR and the LED controller is available for 44.95 EUR. The Button Plus (without HomeKit) has a price of 39.95 EUR.

We look forward to the Swiss launching more products in the future. By the way, in addition to HomeKit, myStrom also holds out the prospect of Matter devices in the future. We will of course keep you up to date. You can also see in detail which functions the presented devices offer in HomeKit in our HomeDevices app.