If you ever need to replace a HomeKit device with a new one, Home+ can help you do that. With the latest version 6.1, the app automatically replaces the device in scenes and automations.

Whether defective, outdated or unreliable: At some point, everyone wants to replace an existing device with a new one. With Apple’s Home app, however, that’s not so easy. If a device is deleted, it also disappears from scenes and automations. What is left behind are often defective automations.

The popular HomeKit app Controller for HomeKit has long offered a useful tool for this purpose with its backup feature for replacing an existing device with a new one. With version 6.1, Home+ can now also take over this function.

Home+ Mass processing

If a device is integrated in scenes or automations, the switch appears in the device settings. The new device must of course be of the same device type. The existing restrictions apply: Since developers cannot access automations that have been converted to shortcuts, they cannot be automatically modified.

Copy scenes

Another interesting new feature is “Import actions”. This allows the actions of an existing scene to be copied to a new one. This is especially useful when creating similar scenes without having to manually add all the actions each time.

Furthermore, the update also offers improvements for users of the Eve Weather. The small weather station can now also display more accurate and user-friendly graphs in Home+. This improvement should help interpret weather data quickly and easily.

Home+ is available in the App Store for $14.99. Controller for HomeKit can be downloaded for free, but some features, including backups, require the Pro version.