We associate the reflective season with candles, freshly baked cookies and now and then a hot mulled wine. For coziness in your own four walls can provide not only the appropriate decoration with warm lighting. The scent also plays a decisive role. The VOCOlinc Ripple is an affordable HomeKit-enabled aroma diffuser that can be used to distribute the right scent automatically at any time. For the Christmas season, we have chosen the fragrance blend “Contemplative”, which perfectly reflects our associations with the Christmas season. We’ll show you how we control the diffuser via HomeKit in this Automation of the Week.

We decided to control it via a motion detector. This turns on the aroma diffuser again and again for a short time, but only when we are actually in the room.

We open Apple’s Home app and create a new automation. As a trigger we use “When a sensor detects something” and select the corresponding motion detector.

Create new HomeKit automation

In the next step we leave the check mark at “Discovered movement”. Since our dog is home alone from time to time and triggers the motion detector, we set “When someone is home” under People.

Motion detector detects movement

Next, we select the VOCOlinc Ripple as well as the corresponding mood light and turn both on. We set the fan speed to 50%.

Switch on aroma diffuser

To ensure that the aroma diffuser is also switched off again automatically, we select “After 3 minutes” under Deactivate. Depending on how big your room is and how often you trigger the motion detector, you can of course adjust this value individually. Click “Done” to create and activate the automation.

Deactivate automatically after three minutes

As soon as we are in the room, a contemplative Christmas scent is distributed. You can also realize similar automations with the essential oil basil for the kitchen, for example, or with rosewood as a fragrance freshener for the bathroom. If you want to equip several rooms with a compact aroma diffuser, the VOCOlinc Ripple is not only available individually, but also as a cheaper double pack.