Belkin’s smart-home brand Wemo is pulling out of Matter. According to Jen Wei, vice president of global communications and corporate development at Belkin, Wemo has paused development of Matter devices for now.

Although the company believes Matter will have a significant impact on the smart home industry, Belkin has paused development of its own Matter devices. According to The Verge, they first want to find a way to stand out from other manufacturers and their products.

Too many low-cost devices

It’s difficult for a company like Belkin Wemo to compete in a space full of cheap IoT products that offer the same function at a lower price.

Wemo has already launched Thread products, but they are not intended for use over Matter. The devices work exclusively with Apple HomeKit.

Matter has proven to be much more complicated than promised. The fact that Wemo has now paused Matter shows that the smart home without borders still has a long way to go.