Aqara has updated its app and now allows scenes to be executed in Apple HomeKit. This not only allows significantly more features to be used via HomeKit, but for the first time, devices that cannot actually be integrated into HomeKit can also be integrated.

To copy scenes from Aqara to HomeKit, a hub from the manufacturer (the original M1 as well as the G2H hub are excluded) with at least firmware version 4.0.4 must be present. After that, a new switch is available in the scenes in the Aqara Home app to add them to Apple Home.

Copy Aqara Home scene to Apple Home

Small feature with big impact

Significantly more features can be used via scenes. The Aqara Camera Hub G3, for example, can make the camera disappear into the case, record a video, play a ringtone or activate dog and cat detection. These features were not previously available via HomeKit.

But let’s stay with dogs and cats. If you are using the Aqara Pet Feeder C1, you have not yet been able to use it via HomeKit. With the new update, you can store the feeding in a scene in the Aqara Home app, copy it to Apple Home and then use it in HomeKit automations, for example.

These are just two small examples of numerous new possibilities. We are very pleased that Aqara not only brings new products to the market, but also continues to develop existing devices. In HomeDevices you can find an overview with all HomeKit devices of the manufacturer.